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ESSENTIAL Fortified Whey Protein Powder



When it comes to protein powder, women need so much more than just a pink label — we need actual ingredients that support our nutritional needs and our physical goals. That’s why we created ESSENTIAL, a women’s whey protein powder for women who want more from their nutrition. Our formula contains just the right amount of protein per serving (20 grams, to be exact), plus is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals we need to lift heavier, run faster, push harder, and live healthier.*



    Packed with 20g of protein as well as essential minerals and vitamins to build lean muscle mass, strengthen bones and support healthy weight loss

    Blend of Isolate and Concentrate Whey Protein fortified with Vitamin D, Magnesium, Iron, and Amino Acids to promote healthy digestion while delivering higher protein content with fewer carbs, lactose, and fat.

    for Women by Women with Keto-Friendly and Gluten-Free ingredients proven to improve muscle recovery and reduce exercise-induced muscle damage while suppressing hunger and boosting weight loss.
  • DELICIOUS AND LOW-CALORIE: Available in three delicious flavors - Dark Chocolate, French Vanilla, and Unflavored – with only 100 calories and 1g of sugar per serving; Easy to Shake, Blend, Cook or Bake.
  • INFORMED SPORTS-ACCREDITED: All PRTCL Products’ Supplements have been Informed Sports-tested and certified to be free of a broad range of substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Please note: supplement panels that include all ingredients can be found in the photos. Our pouches include 30 servings.

Need inspiration on how to get more protein in your diet? Check out The JRNL for recipes and calculations on the right amount of protein for you.

    ESSENTIAL Fortified Whey Protein Powder



    20G of Protein + Vitamin D + Magnesium + Iron + Gluten-Free


    Strengthen + Nourish

    Ways to Enjoy

    Mix + Blend + Cook + Bake

    Science-backed ingredients.

    At PRTCL, we don’t just tell you what’s in our products, we tell you why we put it there. You deserve to know in order to make informed choices about your nutrition and how it relates to your fitness goals — it’s as simple as that. ESSENTIAL, for example, contains 20 grams of whey protein per serving instead of the much higher (and not always necessary) amounts you might find in a men’s product. We also fortified our women’s protein powder with vitamin D, magnesium, and iron — three nutrients that women metabolize differently and tend to be deficient in, yet are required for optimal physical performance. Can we get a high-five for science?!

    Power in numbers.

    You might have noticed a little number on the corner of our packaging — that digit signifies how each PRTCL product fits into your daily routine. Each one of our nutritional supplements for women was designed to work in tandem, helping you maximize results and reach your health and fitness goals.

    Here’s the lineup:

    01 | ESSENTIAL: A nutritious dose of fortified whey protein powder.

    02 | STAMINA: An energizing pre-workout for any time of day. 01 |

    03 | REPAIR: A recovery formula perfect for post-workout. 

    04 | SUPPORT: A vitamin-packed immunity booster.

    Why PRTCL?

    If you’ve been down the dietary supplement aisle or visited a health and wellness store, you know how overwhelming the experience can be. Between the giant tubs of body-builder protein and the never-ending ingredients lists, it’s hard to know what you need, how much you need, and why you need it. PRTCL is different because we’re the only line of nutritional supplements formulated specifically for women, and our products are backed by science and research to deliver everything your on-the-move body needs — and nothing it doesn’t.

    Strengthen + Nourish

    Fuel your strongest self with ESSENTIAL Women’s Whey Protein.


    • How much protein do I need to take?

      Everybody is different, and therefore protein requirements will differ from person to person. In general, your protein intake should account for your body weight as well as your training goals and lifestyle. Are you looking to gain muscle mass? You might need to up your protein intake. Are you looking to supplement your normal diet? Your body might need a little less. Counting macros? Your protein intake can be adjusted to fit your meal plan. Keeping those factors in mind, the general rule of thumb for active women is approximately 0.54 grams of protein per pound of body weight. So, for example, if you weigh 150 pounds, your recommended daily protein intake would be 81 grams (150 x 0.54 = 81g of protein/day).

    • How is ESSENTIAL different from other whey protein for athletes?

      Unlike other whey protein powders, ESSENTIAL Women’s Whey Protein is fortified with vitamins and minerals that women, in particular, need to optimize their health. We’ve added things like Vitamin D3 (which women are commonly deficient in) to help with bone health, magnesium to boost energy and performance, and iron to support blood oxygen levels. In addition, each serving of ESSENTIAL contains 20 grams of protein, so you’re not overloading your system with the massive amounts that men’s proteins often contain.

    • I’m not a bodybuilder — why should I take ESSENTIAL Women’s Whey Protein?

      Whether you lift weights or not, proteins are the building blocks of our bodies and are essential for maintaining muscle mass, tendons, organs, hormones, and many other vital functions. Some amino acids, which are the smaller molecules that make up proteins, can be produced by the body. Others, known as essential amino acids, are obtained through your diet. If you’re not eating enough protein-rich foods, supplementing with a women’s whey protein like ESSENTIAL can help you get all of the nutrients your body needs to thrive.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Keturah Daniel
    Great quality

    I love the packaging and ingredients! Doesn't bloat but I do wish the taste was a bit richer.

    Miranda Franklin
    A new staple

    This is one of (if not THE) best protein I have ever used! I love the taste and the fact that it blends so smoothly, I’m using it daily now!

    Kate Grantham
    The BEST protein powder!!

    Seriously - I have tried so many protein powders and getting the perfect balance of protein, calories, flavor, etc. I thought was impossible, but it's NOT! I cannot believe how light the powder is - I can mix the vanilla into my cold brew coffee as creamer with just a straw! No blender needed - it's truly made for lazy fit girls. The French Vanilla is perfectly flavored where it only enhances what it's mixed into verse overpowering with sickly sweetness and grainy textures. It's nice to finally use a BIG SCOOP and it not be 200 calories!
    I have to also mention the packaging is just beautiful too. This brand was clearly crafted with care and thought by women, for women which is something easy to support! buy it.

    Heidi McIvor-Allen
    Love It! Drink It Daily!

    To say that PRTCL Products is an essential item in my road to better health would be an understatement. I LOVE the protein powder (I think the vanilla is my favorite) + I throw in the Repair Recovery Powder AND the Support vitamins into the shaker and drink it after my workouts every day. It's a real game changer. I love that it's not too heavy, low on calories and it tastes good :)

    I can tell the difference when I don't have PRTCL in my life.

    If you need some extra support, do yourself a favor and BUY THIS BRAND. The fact that it's made for women... even better :) Thank you!

    Erynn LaFlamme
    Great Tasting, Tons of Protein

    Truly the best product on the market. Makes me feel good and full... and it tastes amazing. I've tried hundreds of supplements and PRTCL is by far the best brand out there across all categories from protein powder and BCAAs to pre workout and overall health support. So glad I discovered this brand!