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Women’s Sports Nutrition: When To Take Your Supplements

Women’s Nutrition Supplements: When Do You Take Them?

A schedule is valuable for your sports nutrition supplements, but it’s not the end all be all in the grand scheme of your overall health and athletic prowess. Sure, taking well-timed doses of PRTCL supplements can help you achieve your goals faster. But if that seems overwhelming, know you’ll feel the difference just by using the collection consistently.

The Basic Schedule:

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Our best advice is to use your PRTCL daily because consistency is key. If your body has access to the nutrition it needs, it will perform at its peak.

Want something more simplified?

1. ESSENTIAL anytime or all day.

2. STAMINA pre-workout.

3. REPAIR post-workout

4. SUPPORT once a day.

(Notice the numbers match their package! We did that on purpose!)

We’ve also mapped out some schedules for you based on when you work out during the day that can shift slightly to fit your specific needs!

If there is one macronutrient we want to be more specific with, it’s protein. Don’t worry; we made it easy to calculate with our protein calculations! We formulated our collection with women in mind, making the dosages and serving sizes for REPAIR, SUPPORT, and STAMINA perfect for you.


women's sports nutrition schedule for morning workouts
Early Risers & Morning Workouts
It’s all about getting fuel to our bodies in an immediate fashion so we can exercise at our top potential every single day. We want to start with ESSENTIAL protein and a jolt of energy from STAMINA. By beginning with ESSENTIAL, we’ll give our body nourishment and the ability to sustain our energy. We also want to allow our body to start repairing itself as we continue throughout the day, but give it a little help with REPAIR in the evening as we wind down and relax.


women's sports nutrition schedule for evening workouts
Night Owls & Daytime/Evening Workouts
The slow burn is where we want to be with sustained ESSENTIAL protein intake all day. Smaller doses of STAMINA’s caffeine to get through the morning and afternoon, then push us to our workout with maximum energy to burn. Last, but not least, we REPAIR and relax.


No more second guessing or googling until you're confused! Follow these plans and those goals are in sight! Screenshot and share these with your friends or on social media! Tag us @PRTCLproducts on all platforms!