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Top 4 Things BCAAs Do For Women

Top 4 Things BCAAs Do For Women 

BCAAs are known for helping you build lean muscle mass, but did you know branched-chain amino acids can do more than that? We know every woman is looking for a product that gives more bang for her buck, but we also know you need results. 

What are BCAAs?

We wrote an entire JRNL on them here, but essentially, BCAAs are branched-chain amino acids, the broken down parts of a protein the body uses for, well, everything. 

Branched-chain amino acids have a different chemical makeup (an aliphatic side chain) than other amino acids. Traditional amino acids help with protein synthesis, neurotransmitter transport, and biosynthesis, while BCAAs do a bit more of the heavy lifting.

Having all BCAAs and EAAs in your diet is crucial to ensure your body can function properly. 

Top 4 Things BCAAs Do For Women

  1. Balance Hormones: Studies from the British Journal of Pharmacology show that BCAAs play a role in hormone balance for women. These branched-chain amino acids help to increase the hormones leptin, adiponectin, and glucagon, which help with moderate appetite, convert fat cells into energy and sustain blood sugar levels. A BCAA supplement is vital for those dieting to maintain these hormone levels. Women experience hormonal imbalances throughout their lives, but we can manage them better with the correct protein or BCAA intake.
  2. Manage Mental Health: there is a direct correlation between appropriate levels of BCAAs within the body and lower rates of depression and anxiety. Prescribed medicines have shown that only 60% of users report an improvement in symptoms. The BCAAs leucine, valine, and isoleucine are instrumental in brain function and increasing mental health. 5-9g of BCAAs per day are the appropriate amount to consume to elevate brain function alongside all the other benefits. Taking 1-2 scoops of REPAIR daily can help regulate your BCAA intake and improve your mood!
  3. Stabilize Weight Fluctuations: Through the regulation of hormones that affect our adipose tissue, consistent levels of BCAAs can help women regulate their body weight over their lifetimes. While weight isn't something to focus on for health, constant fluctuations have proven to cause cardiac problems for women. By regulating our hormones and allowing less fat to accumulate in the body, we can assist in lowering our rates of chronic health issues. The Nutrition and Metabolism Journal states, "the concentration of BCAAs in many diets high in protein can help the body metabolize fat enzymes and glucose sugars more efficiently to promote lean muscle mass and reduce fat storage accumulation."
  4. Reduce Osteoporosis: Amino acids are the building blocks of all muscles, bones, and tissues, making it likely that adding an amino acid supplement to your diet would also help lower the chances of osteoporosis. Studies have shown that diets rich in amino acids lead to lower instances of osteoporosis in aging women due to a higher bone mineral density. Combined with a strength training program and the ability of BCAAs to build lean muscles, we can create a youthful life for all ages. Leucine, specifically, is the primary building block for all bones in the body.

Are BCAAs necessary to your diet?

If you're getting enough protein in your diet (do the math here), you don't need a BCAA supplement. If you struggle to get your protein intake where it needs, then a BCAA supplement can be instrumental in ensuring your body has the building blocks it needs.

BCAAs are an easy way to create a healthy environment for you to build healthy bones, muscles, and mental health. Try adding REPAIR, ESSENTIAL, and STAMINA to your nutrition plan to create a well-rounded amino acid profile to fuel your life and future.

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