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The Best Supplements for Active Moms

The Best Supplements for Active Moms

We see you in the carpool line taking that conference call. We see you picking up toys as you brush your teeth. We see you walking the soccer field during practice while checking your emails. We see everything that you do to make it possible for your kids to thrive and that it takes a lot of energy. We'd also like to help you do it all and have more power for you.

Every mom is looking for a way to get through the day without adding more tasks or even more meal prep. 

Here are four ways PRTCL can make life easier and give you more energy:

  1. Protein in everything and anything: We made ESSENTIAL protein to mix into other things. Add it to your morning smoothie, coffee, or even your Starbucks oatmeal! One scoop gets you the protein you need without having to cook anything. It also makes a great snack during the afternoon when you need something on the go.
  2. Sustained Energy, No Crash: Your coffee gets you up, but what gives you energy all day? STAMINA has B vitamins and caffeine to make sure you have two energy sources. It also has BCAAs to help the caffeine last longer AND give you better brain function to manage all your tasks.
  3. Muscle Recovery & Hydration: Have you realized that carrying your kids is lifting weights/strength training? Or running around the park is cardio? Your body is tired because while it's not traditional exercise, you are exercising and need recovery. Days off don't really happen, so REPAIR's BCAAs will help your muscles recover so you don't feel so fatigued the next day.
  4. Immune Health: We get it; you don't have time to be sick. SUPPORT is like a powdered IV that can mix with anything. Get all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more so you don't pick up those school germs.

Most people discuss supplements to improve your workouts, but PRTCL helps improve everyday life. If we can start with our day-to-day, we can improve every aspect. Having more energy to do more for *you* is so important, so put some self-care into your day with just four scoops, then schedule a massage for your next day "off."

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