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SUPPORT - Get to know our ingredients.

Everything you need to know about SUPPORT’s main ingredients: What they are, what they do, and why they work.

Vitamins A, B2, C, D3, and E: These antioxidant vitamins play an important role in promoting muscle recovery because they mitigate the oxidative damage and inflammation that free radicals cause after a workout.

Calcium: Most of us know that calcium is an essential mineral required for bone health, but it also helps with muscle movement and cardiovascular function.

Zinc: This essential nutrient assists with things like immune function, DNA synthesis, wound healing, protein synthesis, and more. 

Elderberry Extract: Derived from the berries and flowers of elderberry plants, this extract is overflowing with antioxidants and vitamins that support immune function and metabolism.

Green Tea Extract: A concentrated form of green tea, this extract works to reduce oxidative stress by fighting cell damage which ultimately benefits exercise performance and recovery. 

Folate + Folic Acid: Folate is vitamin B9 that’s found naturally in foods, while folic acid is the manmade version typically found in supplements. Essentially, these nutrients help the body maintain and produce new cells and are important in the formation of DNA. 

Potassium:  This electrolyte is known to help with muscle cramping — especially during long workouts — because it helps regulate blood pressure and water retention.