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Supplements vs Meal Replacements: What's the Difference?

Supplements vs. Meal Replacements: What's the Difference?

What is a meal replacement shake?

Typically, a meal replacement shake is a protein-based drink with a multi-vitamin component. 

What is a protein shake?

A protein shake is precisely that, a quick source of protein, typically a protein powder mixed with water, milk, or a milk alternative.

Both meal replacement shakes, and protein shakes are low-calorie, low-carb options that are ideal for those looking to add more nutrients to their diets.

The real question is, are protein shakes and meal replacement shakes actually healthy?

Of course, they are when made with high-quality ingredients, but these shakes should never replace an entire meal, as they are not going to give you the health profile you need from your foods. Meal replacement shakes are a marketing directive aimed at those looking to lose weight quickly but lead to an ultimately unhealthy and unsustainable lifestyle. Food should never be replaced in any nutritional plan, and if it's being suggested that you use shakes to replace meals, we recommend you run the other way!

Here at PRTCL, we lead with eating a whole food diet first and using our products as what they are meant to be, supplements to fill where your diet lacks. We love our products for helping us turn mostly healthy meals into meals that are entirely sound in their nutrition profile.

Let's take an average breakfast: a caffeinated beverage, cereal, and a milk alternative. Typically, about 350 calories.

We're trying to be healthy, so we've chosen muesli for our cereal, with tons of wholesome grains, fiber, and carbs. Coffee is always on the list, and almond milk is our first choice. We've got breakfast, but it's not as well-rounded as possible.

How can you use supplements like PRTCL to enhance where you're lacking?

  1. Switch coffee for STAMINA. You get the same amount of caffeine but no anxiety or jitters. A dose of BCAAs to help you focus and lower calories without the milk and sugars it may need.
  2. Add ESSENTIAL unflavored protein to your almond milk before pouring it into your muesli. Take an all-carb & fiber breakfast and pack it with 20g of protein and healthy fats with just one scoop. Not only will you get protein, but you'll also feel full all morning, where your meal replacement shake has you starved by 10 am.
  3. Add SUPPORT to your STAMINA. Your meal replacement shake has added vitamins and minerals, but not enough. Add your unflavored SUPPORT to your STAMINA to get your multi-vitamin while you're on the go!
Calories in a meal replacement shake that doesn't keep you full, leading to snacking? 200. 

Calories in our easy, 3-minute, well-rounded breakfast?

  • STAMINA 30 calories
  • Muesli 160 Calories
  • ESSENTIAL 100 calories
  • SUPPORT 0 calories
  • Total: 290 calories

A whole food diet that uses supplements to fill the voids is the best way to live your healthiest life, have the most energy, and sustainably lose weight. Take our lifestyle quiz to help you choose the correct collection for your current life, or use the Lose It app to track your intake and determine whether you need more fats, carbs, proteins, or fiber in your diet.

Have more questions? Consult with a dietitian to ensure you're living your healthiest life!