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Your Protein Makes You Bloated? 5 Reasons PRTCL Protein Powder Beats the Bloat!

If Your Protein Makes You Bloated, Switch to PRTCL Products! PRTCL Protein Powder is Bloat-Free and Exclusively for Women!

You've been taking protein powder and living with the awful bloating and nausea that comes with the brands made for men on the market. PRTCL reformulated protein powder, so women no longer felt bloated or sick after taking it.  


5 reasons your protein is making you bloated! 

(and five reasons PRTCL ESSENTIAL won't)


1. Too Much Protein:

Did you know that women can only process 20g of protein within 3 hours of consumption? Consuming more than 20g that is not only a waste of money, but the excess protein causes bloating, and nausea before it eventually is processed out through your urine. 


2. Isolate Protein Only:

Isolate protein is considered the purest form of whey protein, but that's not always best. Women metabolize proteins best with fats, so we blended isolate and concentrate whey in our protein powder. Why? Concentrate whey protein has an innate fat content, which means when your body is processing ESSENTIAL, it has what it needs already. Easier to metabolize means less bloating!


3. Sugar Overload:

Many proteins for men are formulated with an overwhelming sweetness from sugars or sugar substitutes. Overconsumption of sugars or sugar substitutes can cause bloating, which is why we removed as much as we could to allow for a hint of sweetness without the bloat. Less is more is our motto!


4. Vitamin D Deficiency:

Did you know that studies have shown that over 80% of the population suffering from IBS have a vitamin D deficiency? We fortified our protein powder with vitamin D to help heal your gut and promote healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. According to this article from Prevention Magazine, vitamin D receptors within your colon can help reduce bowel inflammation and bloating when activated.


5. Low Magnesium Levels:

According to Dr. Oz on, taking magnesium can fight fluid retention and help expel gas. We added magnesium to ESSENTIAL, not only because women are typically deficient in it but also because it's crucial in regulating many of our systems, including our gut.


Let's banish the bloat one scoop of ESSENTIAL protein powder for women at a time! Add it to your coffee, smoothies, soups, and banana bread loaves! Tag @PRTCLproducts on Instagram to show us how ESSENTIAL fuels your life without bloating!