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Powdered Vitamins - Are They Effective?

Powdered Vitamins - Are They Effective?

Powdered supplements are first to digest in your stomach allowing them to enter your system fastest.

There are lots of choices when it comes to vitamins - gummies, capsules, pills, and powders are some of the most popular choices, but is one delivery systems better than the others?

Here's three reasons to reach for powdered supplements over others: 

  1. Fast Absorption: Due to supplement powders being dissolved into water or other liquids, they are easily digested and released into our systems. This is perfect for sports nutrition products, like protein powders, pre-workouts, and recovery products, as we are looking for immediate results. 
  2. No Gelatin Capsules: Gelatin has been known to cause irritability in the gut causing bloating and upset stomachs. Removing the capsule allows us to avoid these unwanted side effects.
  3. The Perfect Serving Size: Having the vitamins in set amounts per gummy, pill, or capsule means we can't personalize our dose. By using powdered products, we can get the exact amount of each supplement by lowering or raising the amount we are using. Use exactly what *you* need and save the rest while also saving money!

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