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Perfect Supplements for Everyday Workouts

PRTCL - The Perfect Supplements for Everyday Workouts

You don't have dreams of being a bodybuilder, so why would you need to supplement for your workouts? Here's a few reasons PRTCL supplements can power every workout from yoga to barre to tennis and help you hit your goals.

7 Reasons To Supplement for "Normal" Workouts:

  1. Have More Natural Energy: Not sure about you, but these days, energy is hard to come by and we don't want to fuel our workouts on sugar and carbs alone. Enter STAMINA. One scoop and you're ready to power through that hour long power yoga class and with the added B vitamins and BCAAs, you won't feel completely fatigued after. 
  2. Be Less Sore: Have you ever tried picking laundry up off the floor the day after a barre class? Hello thighs, please stop hurting! We take REPAIR to get rid of the next-day muscle soreness.The BCAAs in REPAIR are automatically available to rebuild those muscle tears and alleviate the sore muscle feeling.
  3. Hit One More Rep: We live in a world where we always want instant gratification. What if you could get help getting stronger by supplementing? You couldn't make it through 10 reps at your training session yesterday, but add in ESSENTIAL for protein and STAMINA for BCAAs to stop you from getting tired and tomorrow we're going to see you hit those 10 reps without your spotter.
  4. Get Back Faster: Results are about consistency, but sore muscles and tiredness make you skip extra days. Use REPAIR post-workout to get you recovered faster and back in the gym more often. 
  5. Feel Better: Vitamin deficiency is common among women, over 80% of us are lacking in one or more vitamins! Allowing our body to have the vitamins and minerals it needs allows us to have the energy to move throughout the day and our bodies have the supplies they need to operate at optimum levels. Calcium and Magnesium are essential for muscle contraction and relaxation, respectively, and not having enough can effect your output on your daily workouts. 
  6. Make It Easy: Getting in your recommended protein can be difficult, but ESSENTIAL makes it easy. Mix it with coffee, drink it with water, add it to smoothies, or even to marinara sauce. Keeping your diet filled with protein will help curb snack cravings and build the lean muscle you're looking for.
  7. Hit New Goals: If we can keep adding one more rep to every workout, we'll be hitting our goals in no time. Adding supplements to your daily routine will allow you to broaden your horizons and reach for goals like handstands at yoga, PRs at marathons, and being the best mom at the kids' field day parent competitions!

Supplements aren't just for bodybuilders and bikini competitions, at least PRTCL isn't. We're here to get every woman from work to workout and beyond.

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