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Can I Eat Whey Protein Powder Without Exercising?

Can I Eat Whey Protein Powder Without Exercising?

Absolutely! Protein is protein! Here's why:

Whey protein powder is the best protein supplement for women, but it is typically associated with shaker bottles and exercise. Why is that, and can we eat whey protein powder regularly?

Vitamin and mineral supplementation became popular in the 1970s, but sports nutrition became more popular with the onset of bodybuilding and fitness competitions in the late-80s. Protein powder supplements became a way for bodybuilders and those wanting to build muscle quickly without the extra calorie intake. Women's protein drinks were marketed as a low-fat, low-calorie meal replacement and have been since then. We have some issues with that concept, but we digress.

So, we've always seen the people in the gym drinking their protein and pumping iron, but we've never wanted to be muscular like that. If we use whey protein, will we bulk up like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Absolutely not. You'll have more energy, lean muscle, and less likely to reach for snacks throughout the day. Protein, especially to supplement your regular diet, is extremely important for overall health and isn't solely for bodybuilders.

The easiest way to say it is protein is….protein!

Protein is the same whether it comes from a chicken or a whey protein powder. Do you bulk up from your everyday meals with protein? Nope, and you won't with protein powder unless you specifically design your protein intake alongside a strict bodybuilding workout plan.

The body breaks down protein into the same amino acids from whole animal foods and whey protein, but whole food protein (like chicken) takes longer to digest while whey protein powder can digest more quickly and be absorbed and used faster. Protein powder is also easier to grab on the go and typically has a lower calorie count than other forms of animal protein, making it easier to fit into most nutrition or weight loss plans. 

Another question may be why is whey protein considered an animal-based protein? It's an animal protein because whey protein is based in milk, which comes from animals and has the same amino acid and nutrient breakdown. Plant-based proteins like chickpeas or pea protein powders are good sources of proteins but do not have a complete amino acid profile like animal-based proteins. Also, only 85% of plant-based proteins are absorbed versus 95% of animal-based proteins. 

Before PRTCL, most whey protein powders were meant to be used in a shaker bottle with water, milk, or milk alternative, but we knew we didn't want to drink it that way. We formulated our ESSENTIAL whey protein powder to bake and cook with it and put it into smoothies. Our flavors are pared down, so they complement the other flavors in your meals. With our unflavored whey protein powder, you can add it to soups, guac, spaghetti sauce, salad dressings, and bread to give yourself an extra dose of protein in every facet of your day. When protein is the second most crucial macronutrient after carbs, you want to ensure you're getting enough daily!

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