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Best Energy Drinks for Women

We know that the average energy drink or pre-workout isn't made for women. It's why we get the energy spike then crash, and also why we consistently feel jitters and anxiety after anything other than a small coffee. We couldn't help by wonder, why do energy drinks do this to women? And why do pre-workouts cause all of that AND skin tingles?

We need energy that lasts all day, doesn't have a mid-day crash, doesn't distract us from our focus, and a flavor that doesn't taste like candy. This is why we created STAMINA pre-workout energy + focus for women! 

How much caffeine is too much for women?

The FDA suggests no more than 400mg of caffeine per day, but many energy drinks or pre-workouts contain 300-400mg of caffeine per scoop! For women, the caffeine in pre-workouts is too much, which is why one scoop of STAMINA has the same amount of caffeine as a coffee, 100mg. It's the perfect amount to energize you but won't give you the jitters. 

How can women sustain the burst we get from energy drinks?

You don't want to drink caffeine solely, and if we can ensure we are getting the vitamins we need for energy, this will help us create long-lasting energy. We've talked about Vitamin B before (click here to read), but the vitamins B6 and B12 in STAMINA allow our bodies to use and store the energy from carbs and proteins in our bodies! This helps us have all-day power versus a pop of energy for an hour or so.

As women, we know we need the energy to get through the many activities and tasks we have to do every day, but the risk of fatigue comes with caffeine consumption. With STAMINA, we can get our energy and have it last all day long and allow us to sleep in the evenings. Rest is most important, ladies! 

Is it possible to have energy and focus?

We added the naturally occurring BCAAs L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine to STAMINA to help with focus. Studies have shown those who supplemented with BCAAs improved their mental focus during exercise, which is thought to result from the fatigue-reducing effect of BCAAs. Not only that but both have been shown to increase feelings of calm as well as stimulate creativity. 

We've replaced our morning coffee with STAMINA, and our productivity is way up. Give it a try!


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