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5 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling for Women

5 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling for Women

Staying healthy while spending the summer enjoying every extra moment of sun and fun is hard. Not only are we looking out for ourselves while indulging in the best summer and vacation have to offer, but we also have to look out for friends, family, and our kids! When fun is always on the menu, how do we continue to be health-conscious without being the Debby Downer of the group?

Here are five ways to stay healthy & happy while on vacation this summer:

  1. Keep Added Sugar to a Minimum: Summer is the best time for ice cream and frozen cocktails, but too much sugar harms your body and brain. While treating ourselves once or twice a week won’t cause significant fallout, making sure we choose foods with no sugars added is extremely important to our health. We love switching out traditional cocktails with low-sugar versions and making healthier options for our favorite summer baked goods! We also love our PRTCL mocktails that make tasty, low-calorie, low-sugar drinks. Just add an umbrella to get that summer feeling!
  2. Pack Your Supplements: Don’t leave your daily regimen behind because it’s vacation! Keep your body regulated by continuing to take your multivitamins, probiotics, and whatever else is in your morning and evening routine. By keeping your vitamins and minerals in your system, your body will thank you with consistent energy, less bloating, and keeping your immune system high while on those flights! Don’t want to pack tons of pills? Pop SUPPORT in these containers and drop a scoop in your morning coffee to replace your multivitamin! So easy to keep in your travel bag, especially when flying!
  3. Stay Hydrated: Our everyday routine builds in plenty of time for water, but when you’re sunbathing, visiting ancient ruins, or running from city to city, you forget to drink your daily dose of water. Adding SUPPORT and REPAIR to your water helps your electrolyte balance and hydration from sweating in the summer heat. Ensuring your body gets at least 75 ounces of water a day will help you stay healthy during your travels and help keep jet lag to a minimum!
  4. Get Your Protein In: Summer diets start looking pretty carb-heavy, which can lead to fatigue and gaining those pesky fun pounds. Make sure you’re still grabbing plenty of protein in your meals and supplementing on the days you aren’t able to do more than pizza and chips by the pool. ESSENTIAL packs easily in these screw-top containers, making it easy to pop into some water and drink or add to an iced coffee in the afternoon for protein and energy!
  5. Keep Your Muscles Happy: So much of summer is outdoor, physical activity! Pool days, hikes, running through the airport, and even walking miles around new cities to experience everything the world offers. Long walks and lifting suitcases or pulling wagons with tired kids mean tired muscles, and tired muscles mean your body is searching for recovery. Take STAMINA before you head out to give your muscles energy and REPAIR when you return to your home or hotel room to recover while you sleep. A tired body leads to a low immune system and is why many of us get a summer cold after vacation.

We don’t realize how much activity we do during the summer isn’t normal for our bodies, and we need to fuel differently.

Consider each task a new sport:

Walking in sand is like beach volleyball; the resistance on your legs is much greater! Playing in the pool and throwing kids in the air is gymnastics or cheerleading; we don’t typically spend time with people on our shoulders! Simply walking 10-12 miles in a European city is like a marathon when we are typically tied to a desk.

While we don’t think of these things as athletic, they truly are, and our bodies need help to stay strong daily. Pack your PRTCL to help you through your travels, and show us your #PRTCLaroundtheworld by tagging us on Instagram!


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