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The JRNL - Health & Nutrition Advice for Women

Pineapple Green Smoothie - 24g Protein

The best green smoothie you’ve ever had and there’s 24g of protein? Click for the recipe!

Why Does Pre-Workout Make Me Itch?

Pre-workout made you itch, but we fixed that problem by offering women a product with the correct dosage. Read why that happens and why you shouldn't be scared of Beta-Alanine!

Progressive Load Leg Day Strength Training Workout for Women

Use progressively loaed weight training to get you out of your workout rut! Forget plateaus, we've got strength to gain!

Top 4 Things BCAAs Do For Women

Sure, they assist in building muscle mass, but can they do more? Read more to find out 4 surprising ways BCAAs can help women thrive.

5 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling for Women

Staying healthy while spending the summer enjoying every extra moment of sun and fun is hard. Not only are we looking out for ourselves while indulging in the best summer and vacation have to offer, but we also have to look out for friends, family, and our kids! When fun...

Can I Eat Whey Protein Powder Without Exercising?

Whey protein powder is the best form of protein supplement for women, but it is typically associated with shaker bottles and exercise. Why is that and can we just eat whey protein powder regularly?

The 3 Best High Protein Breakfasts for Women

Protein is essential, but cooking breakfast every morning isn't. Read how to get 49g or more in a 5 minute or less breakfast! Click the title to read more!

Caffeine: How Much Is Too Much For Women?

It's possible that women's caffeine intakes are giving them side effects like jitters, trembles, and even increased heart rate. While caffeine is helpful to get through the day, we need to maintain a healthy intake and focus on how to increase our energy with low-caffeine products and healthy diets!

Memorial Day Menu: Vegetarian Chili Packed with Protein

Vegetarian chili with 80g of protein, 15g per serving that's perfect for summer cookouts? Sign us up!

Bodyweight Workout for Beginners

A workout for beginners with absolutely no equipment needed? Sign us up. Actually, just click here -->

Is Protein Powder Necessary In Women's Diets?

While protein is crucial for a healthy diet, protein powder isn't always needed.  Not what you thought we'd say since we sell protein powder, right? Click to read why you might need protein powder in your daily nutrition plan.

RECIPE: REPAIR Recovery Popsicles

We love this summer heat health-hack that keeps us getting our BCAAs and cooling down our body temps without doing much extra work.

The Best Supplements for Active Moms

Every mom is looking for a way to get through the day without adding more tasks or even more meal prep, but most people discuss supplements to improve your workouts. PRTCL helps improve everyday life. If we can start with our day-to-day, we can improve every aspect. Having more energy...

25-Minute Heart-Pumping, High-Impact HIIT Treadmill Workout for Women

HIIT workouts are a great way to get in some miles while pushing yourself to the limits. They’re also a great way to switch up your distance training and focus on speed-building to hit your next PR! Try this 25-minute treadmill HIIT workout!

Supplements vs Meal Replacements: What's the Difference?

Both meal replacement shakes, and protein shakes are low-calorie, low-carb options that are ideal for those looking to add more nutrients to their diets. But which one is better for you?

Perfect Supplements for Everyday Workouts

Supplements aren't just for bodybuilders and bikini competitions, at least PRTCL isn't. We're here to get every woman from work to your normal, everyday workout with extra energy and power.